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Technology Executives Club presents:

 Cyber Security & Risk Management Seminar:  
How the Pros Hack into your System  

​Complimentary Virtual Seminar
October 13, 2022
​10:30am to 1:30pm Central

Don't miss this exclusive White Hat Hacker presentation: 

Why I hacked the Bangkok Mass Transit System! Are you next?

Greg Pickett internationally known White Hat Hacker and head of Hellfire Security will explain 

how pros can hack into your system. 

In this presentation, we’ll talk about the hacking that you see in the news. We’ll talk about my hack of the Bangkok Mass Transit System and why it happened. We’ll talk about why all hacking happens and why it is not always what you think. Yes, it is often about negligence but companies who make every effort to be secure are still hacked. Why is that? It is because of assumptions. They make a lot of assumptions but they never test them to find out if they are right. 
How about your assumptions? Are you the next to be hacked?  Join this talk. Let’s find out.

And Join our keynote panel us as we discuss:

New & Unique Challenges of Risk Management
Cyber Security
Data Protection
Disaster Recovery


Diane O'Brien
Sr. Director, Information Security
Heath Care Service Corporation 

Gregory Pickett
 Head of Cybersecurity Operations & Founder
 Hellfire Security


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